SELEMIX® Colour Fans

A full range of colour fans are available, tailored for the specific industrial market needs. All fans are compact making them easy to handle for an accurate colour identification.                                                                                                                  

SELEMIX® RAL Classic Fan

The Selemix RAL Classic Fan contains all the indispensable colours used in many areas.

SELEMIX® RAL Metallic Effect E4 Fan

For paint jobs that require metallic effects, Selemix RAL Metallic Effect E4 Fan is a first in class guide, including 70 metallic colours, illustrated on a full page each.  

SELEMIX® Industrial Fan

The Selemix Industrial Fan contains 800 of the most popular colours used in industry. The fan is arranged into key categories for the Industrial segments - Agricoles, Oil & Gas Companies, Industry and Public Transport and comes complete with an index to cross reference to RAL and AFNOR. It also contains a Tinting Guide section that shows the full colour together with different percentages of white and/or aluminium allowing the paintshop to make adjustments to the final colour.