The packaging of our SELEMIX® products has been developed with the customer in mind. Several features on the front and back label ensure you can:

  • Easily identify, order and store our products
  • Quickly prepare the paint for application
  • With one scan consult detailed technical data in the Selemix Product App



  Orange colour scheme:

    • An orange stripe and hexagonal shape – that´s our well-trusted solventborne line

  Blue colour scheme:

    • A blue stripe and hexagonal shape – that´s our environment-friendly waterborne line
    • All product names include a “WB”, making identification still easier                                                                                                                            

  Short product code:

    • Serves to identify the product
    • Allows for an easy and systematically storing of rectangular cans thanks to the additional code on the site can
    • Use the short code to find product and technical relevant data on the SELEMIX® web and in the app                                                                                                                                                            

  Long product code:

    • Serves to order the product
    • Maintained as reference code in our SDS

  Unit of Measure:

    • Either in kg or l, adapting perfectly to your preparation habits

  Technical Pictograms:

    • All you need to know to correctly prepare and apply our products, allowing you to save time                                                                                                                                                                         

  QR Code:

    • With one scan access to our TDS and consult all the technical data you need.

  Bar Code:

    • With one scan access to the Selemix Product App and consult all the technical and safety data you need.