During the third quarter of last year, SELEMIX®, the leading brand for light industrial coatings (LIC) from PPG, launched a digital tool, Product Finder, to help match customers their paint requirements to the perfect coating.

We are proud to announce we will be expanding our Selemix digital toolbox even further with System Finder, a tool that enables users to receive and compare a variety of paint system options based on their project requirements.

System Finder will be available to use on the Selemix website, for all devices, on which users will be asked a few simple questions about their paint project to identify the systems that best match their requirements.

“We have created a web app to replicate, in a simplified way, the system specification process that our Selemix sales & technical teams and partners apply when they are at a customer’s site. Our goal is to allow our customers to understand quickly what Selemix paint systems are available for certain paint jobs in the light industry and how they perform”, explained Sabrina Thomas, Marketing Brand & Communication Manger CT/ LIC for PPG Refinish EMEA.

A filter system will take into consideration the type of substrate being used, the level of corrosion resistance required, any specific technologies the user would like in their system, what type of objects they are looking to paint and the gloss level required.

After identifying their requirements, users will then be presented with multiple systems that they will be able to select and compare up to three of. Within each system, users can further choose between different topcoats and compare immediately how the performance of the system can vary. A dashboard visualises and updates how a system scores on the quality of the finish, durability and process time.

System Finder will allow customers and distributors to pick suitable systems easily and quickly for standard paint jobs in the light industry, or provide a basic idea of what’s available when reaching out to a PPG expert to clarify any further questions they may have.