SELEMIX® TURKEY - Mastering the art of partnership

“We’re mastering the art of partnership” says Hakan Varan when asked for the secret to his team’s success in the Turkish light industrial coatings market. “And in SELEMIX® we’re fortunate to have the best product range and technical support you could wish for”.

Sales Manager Hakan is responsible for the Selemix paint brand in Turkey and he’s celebrating yet another clutch of new account wins together with his colleague Ayyurt Genctürk a technical sales representative with over 23 years experience.

The Turkish light industrial coatings market is notoriously competitive. The country has a long history of strong local paint manufacturers and in recent years large global paint brands have also entered the market. This results in a fast moving environment where speed, flexibility, competitive prices and a mature distribution network are required to respond to ever changing customer needs.

“We win and keep our customers because we are dedicated to solving their problems and we work with them as true partners should” says Ayyurt.

This focus on partnership certainly seems to be working. The team has a successful track record with customers in segments as diverse as signage, machinery, on-board equipment and glass, with prospects in other industries also specifying Selemix as their coating and partner of choice.

The strength of the team’s technical sales support also contributes to its success.

“In most cases Ayyurt is able to visit a customer or prospect within two days of the request” says Hakan. “And that speed of response is critical for a manufacturer or paint shop, because production efficiency dictates that a problem or query needs to be solved quickly”.

But it’s not just about the speed of response, it’s also about the quality of that response. And that’s another area where Selemix Turkey excels.

“We probably have the most experienced technical sales team in the whole of Turkey” says Hakan proudly.

That experience really pays dividends. “I recently visited a manufacturer of component parts for light industrial vehicles” explains Technical Sales Representative Ayyurt.

“They’d been having quality control issues when painting plastic parts that required a textured finish, but they couldn’t get to the bottom of the problem. I spent some time observing their painters at work and noticed that the air pressure of the spray gun was set up differently for each individual painter.

I pointed this out to the quality manager and recommended that they introduce a standard process for all painters no matter how experienced they were.

Once they were able to control this variable, I specified a primer- topcoat system and a two-visit application including an anti-graffiti additive in the second layer application. They’ve not had any problems since”.

In the coatings industry, you are only as good as the products and services you work with and in Selemix the Turkish team have one of the most highly regarded and wide ranging product and service offerings available.

The Selemix range of solvent and waterborne coating systems protects and finishes a vast variety of surfaces in light industry including steel, plastic, aluminium, glass, bare metal and pre-treated and painted surfaces. All supported by the latest digital colour tools that deliver outstanding colour matching and consistency.

“We also have a wide range of additional business and application specific training courses that customers find extremely valuable” continues Hakan. “These cover areas such as inspection and specification, latest industry trends, control measures and quality improvement, to name just a few”.

From specification to application, the Selemix Turkey team is on hand to guide and help its customers achieve an impeccable and enduring finish for every paint job so that they can confidently deliver efficient solutions and high quality goods.

Selemix Turkey - mastering the art of partnership.